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Client Case Studies

This page showcases the Supply Chain Network's client project case studies. Click on the logos below to read more about the work SCN have completed for their clients.

Gardiners Bros and Footsure

In August 2019, Gardiners’ business was growing rapidly and was running short of space within existing facilities. To this end, In October 2019 Gardiners approached Supply Chain Network Ltd (SCN). Gardiners wanted to accurately confirm whether they could improve upon the efficient utilisation of space in their existing facilities, and if not, to instead plan designs and feasibility supporting the build and acquisition of a new warehouse.

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The support and engagement from the Supply Chain Network team has accelerated the transformation of Mayflex’s warehouse operations, with the developed solution allowing Mayflex to subsequently overlay technology developments such as WMS solutions to further enhance their warehouse teams’ operational capability and efficiency.

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