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Outsourcing work consulting

3PL Vendor Selection

With extensive knowledge and experience of working hands-on on both sides of the 3rd party operations scenario, we are well placed to advise on the benefits and pit falls of outsourcing part or all of logistics operations. We can conduct headline or detailed feasibility evaluations for outsourcing decisions.

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Outsourcing work consulting

Tender Management Process

Once an outsourcing concept has been proven we can support our customers through the tendering process, including appropriate vendor selection and management of the entire tendering scoring and final decision-making process. We can work as part of a client team or equally as happy to project manage the entire process on behalf of our clients.

Outsourcing work consulting

Scorecard Assessment & Selection Criteria

We have tried and tested scoring mechanisms to ensure that the tendering process is conducted openly and fairly, involving cultural as well as competency and cost evaluation,  and in doing so ensure that the best 3PL partnership for a specific client is reached.

Outsourcing work consulting

Negotiation & Contracts

Once a 3PL partner is selected it is imperative that the operating contracts not only support both innovation and openness from the 3PL but provide clearly documented and measured SLA’s and penalty/incentive matrices, where appropriate, to ensure the future relationship remains a mutually beneficial partnership.

Outsourcing work consulting

Implementation Support

We can offer hands-on implementation and project management support during any transition to a 3PL arrangement. This process can be a very tricky process fraught with pitfalls and risks to service and continuity. Transfer of staff and operations requires meticulous planning and execution, we support our client on this journey for as long as is required.

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