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Supply Chain Consulting Globe

Supply Chain Network

We are a U.K. based consulting practice specialising in delivering optimised warehousing and distribution operation, with decades of experience and an extensive range of expertise.

Based in Leicestershire, we are a strong team of solutions design professionals, all with a deep background in operations management and delivery.

Our project coverage is predominantly in the UK, however we are also comfortable working internationally with projects delivered with a global reach.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience at all times through openness, honesty and integrity.

Supply Chain Network will construct a package of services specific to each client’s needs based on our extensive knowledge of the industry and current best of breed operational practices and tool sets derived from many years of industry experience.


From specific operational problem areas to overall supply chain strategies, Supply Chain Network can assist in identifying and implementing solutions quickly and efficiently.

Solution by design (supply chain)
Supply Chain Consulting Globe

What we do for you

SCNUK Supply Chain Consultancy

The consultants at Supply Chain Network support clients through each stage of project delivery.

We utilise a full portfolio of systems and tools, along with many years of hands-on operational experience to deliver a cost-effective result.

Supply Chain Network's knowledge extends through logistics and distribution, supply chain management, inventory management and warehouse management systems.

We evaluate the current course of action and scrutinize the prospects to update all areas of the supply chain as well as financial forecasting. 

Supply Chain Network Consultants help their clients navigate change across a range of areas, including manufacturing/production, inbound and outbound logistics and supply chain execution.

We also support organisations in optimising their overall supply chain network design, operational planning within chains, risk management and supply chain sustainability.

We assist with Implementation from start to finish, introduce new ideas, methodologies and best practices into a supply chain organisation.

Supply Chain Network consulting deliver recommendations for supply chain improvements or solutions to a specific problem. 

Supply Chain Consulting Globe

Why Supply Chain Network

Supply Chain Network' services come with flexible fee pricing for your peace of mind and ease throughout the process.

Supply Chain Network is a UK based consulting practice delivering excellent client-facing business improvement projects across all areas of the supply chain.

From strategic network modelling through facility design to operational improvement delivery, SCN works with our clients every step of the way to ensure we deliver real value and cost savings.

Optimising existing operations or designing new facilities/networks, we can advise on all aspects of design, systems, operational processes and management practices to ensure the client receives a complete ‘solution’.

A track record of delivering many client projects in many sectors and sizes, we are at home working with SME’s and family-owned businesses as much as with large corporate organisations.

SCNUK Supply Chain Consultancy
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Supply Chain Specialists

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