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Warehouse Design & Optimisation

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Warehouse Design Consultation

New Facillity Design or Re-Design

Even a new warehouse can quickly become out of alignment in terms of configuration and design in a fast-moving industry. Whether it’s re-designing an existing warehouse that has been left behind through organic changes, or the design of a new facility required to adapt for the future, we can design every aspect of the warehouse operation and animate / simulate this for our clients in 2D & 3D.

Warehouse Design Consultation

Facility Sizing & Capacity Evaluation

We are often asked to look at warehouses that are deemed to be at capacity, however, it is quite often the case that through re-design and detailed capacity analysis, an existing building can be given life further into the future than first anticipated, resulting in reduced or delayed capital expenditure and operational disruption.
Warehouse Design Consultation

Product Based Configuration & Design

When we engage in a warehouse design project, before we begin looking at the solution we carry out detailed product profiling and analysis to ensure that any future configuration and fit-out is fit for purpose. We adopt a philosophy that ‘'all products are not equal' in most warehouses, so we evolve our thinking away from filling space with standard racking and storage configuration, and ensure that the configuration not only matches the product profile but that systems and processes are embedded in the daily operation to consistently monitor and re-align accordingly over time.

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Warehouse Design Consultation

Optimal Operational Processes & Flows

Once configuration and design are completed effectively, operational processes become the facilitator of executing improvements. Old ways of working are often challenged to embrace new world thinking and operating processes and procedures aligned to deliver efficient throughput.
Warehouse Design Consultation

Warehouse Management System Design / Configuration

In most cases, the WMS / ERP system is the main ‘enabler’ to delivering efficient operational processes. Operations often find themselves constrained by system functionality and in some cases, a change of system is required to fully deliver operational benefits. However, quite often a more detailed understanding of existing systems can reveal hidden capability, with a detailed understanding of functionality and configuration option, existing systems can often deliver surprising results.

Warehouse Design Consultation

Fit-Out Design

Once the detailed analysis and design phases are completed and a concept layout and configuration has been created, we can engage our network of competent, appropriate vendors on behalf of our clients to develop and finalise the designs into budget and capex. / business case submissions.

Warehouse Design Consultation

Warehouse Simulation / Strategy Validation

Where significant change or cost is involved in re-designing an existing or designing a new warehouse, there is a requirement to carry out a detailed simulation to prove the concept and to validate specific operating costs and capacities. SCN uses industry-leading simulation software to carry out detailed simulation which can be visualised in 3D and can provide exact results as to the future operating metrics of a newly designed network, production or warehousing operations. Simulation can also be used to audit any business case involving the introduction of new equipment, machinery or technology, which can prove valuable where financial commitment is significant.
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