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Transport Network Stratey Consulting
Transport networks are the most costly areas of logistics. Our advanced network design capabilities, coupled with many years of hands on operational management, allow us to deliver transport solutions to our clients at the strategic, tactical and operational level to drive efficiency through the network.

Centre of Gravity


Calculate network centre of gravity based on weight, volume or number of orders / units delivered.

Calculated for an entire network or only for a defined region.

Transport Network Stratey Consulting

Optimal Facilities - Size & Capacity


Calculate optimal number of sites required and run what-if scenarios based on ‘x’ number of locations.

Model optimal network based on accounts addresses, orders inbound / outbound, transport cost values and warehouse cost values.

Transport Network Stratey Consulting

Regional Carrier Rates

Transport Network Stratey Consulting

Driver & Fleet Optimisation

Transport Network Stratey Consulting

Utilising regional carrier rates across regions, areas, counties and international borders we can accumulate accurate delivered cost for any network scenario.

Distribution Costs


Determination of overall costs of distribution for warehousing and transportation, covering fixed and variable costs and key supply chain metrics such as delivered cost per order, per kg, per km.

Transport Network Stratey Consulting

Optimal Location Utilisation

Detailed daily transport routing audits and leading transportation modelling software support and training.

Specialised in optimising fleet and driver utilisation through improved modelling approaches and specific site or entire network training and support to implement improved planning strategies.

Transport Network Stratey Consulting

Determine location types within the optimal network and identify mix of types; Main Warehouse, Inbound Hubs, Outbound Hubs, Reserve Warehouses, Reserve Warehouses with Goods Receipt, Manufacturing Sites and Regional Warehouses.

Real Time Drag & Drop Options Modelling


Industry leading intuitive scenario analysis and optimisation of logistics networks.

Using latest detailed map data, with ability to check new sites via Google Street View.

Data extrapolation to model future growth or other market changes.



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