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We work with our clients and ask questions about their supply chain at all levels
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How does the supply chain meet the organisational direction?

  • Does the configuration and behaviour of the network meet the wider needs of the organisation? Is it designed to best service customer needs (whoever the ‘customer’ is, be it stores or clients) or does it work simply to achieve the lowest supply chain costs at the expense of overall business optimisation?

  • Is the supply chain fully integrated with other functions within the organisation such as commercial, stores, operations etc.? Do departments work in isolation from, or in conjunction with, other functions?

  • Does the network have the capacity to handle business growth plans? If so, how far into the future? (This should always be longer than it would take to add extra capacity).

  • Does the supply chain work in collaboration with the extended / extra-enterprise actors in the supply chain such as materials and raw material suppliers, importers etc? How is information shared throughout the extended supply chain?

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Suppy Chain Consulting Globe SCNUK


How efficient and productive is the supply chain execution in
delivering effective service to the business?

  • Is the distribution network effective in delivering benefit across functions efficiently and cost-effectively?

  • How do we ensure our network delivers optimal service to our business?

  • How often do we audit our network?

  • How efficient are our operational planning processes, particularly the synergies between procurement, warehousing and distribution?

  • Does peak trading cause problems to our network every year in terms of resources, space, service or efficiency?

Suppy Chain Consulting Globe SCNUK


How well do we execute the delivery of our service, and do we adopt 'best of breed' operating practices and procedure in an environment of continual improvement?

  • Do our execution systems (ERP/WMS/TMS) fully deliver our needs or does our operation become compromised?

  • How efficient are the operational processes within warehouse and transport operations and is our operation properly benchmarked?

  • Is our forward planning of inventory, space and resources effective to meet changing demands? 

  • How well do we execute operational change when necessary?

  • How well do we manage our individual and group productivity and service levels?

  • How good is our operational reporting in terms of wider visibility and do we fully utilise our data to drive continual improvement?

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