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Gardiners Bros and Footsure is the UK's leading distributor of global footwear and workwear brands to the retail trade. Established in 1860, Gardiners has over 140 years of experience in providing the best possible service levels for the sectors within which they are involved.

In August 2019, Gardiners’ business was growing rapidly and was running short of space within existing facilities. To this end, In October 2019 Gardiners approached Supply Chain Network Ltd (SCN). Gardiners wanted to accurately confirm whether they could improve upon the efficient utilisation of space in their existing facilities, and if not, to instead plan designs and feasibility supporting the build and acquisition of a new warehouse.

From these options, Gardiners did begin to negotiate the purchase of a new facility in Spring 2020. However, then the Coronavirus pandemic struck, and plans were momentarily delayed. At this time, it was decided to review the purchase, and a build and rent deal was instead agreed upon with St. Modwen for a bespoke facility to be built. 

Following this, Gardiners engaged SCN in October 2020 to conduct an initial warehouse evaluation study, to advise on the right size warehouse, and to design the Fit-Out. This preliminary assessment developed into a detailed design phase for a new build warehouse which Gardiners commissioned based on SCN’s designs. This initial design phase involved SCN in all 3 workstreams concerning warehouse design, a suitable WMS, and the implementation of materials handling equipment and operational systems.

“Ian feels like part of the team, he is passionate and invested in the project. He combines clear knowledge, expertise, and attitude, with a genuine willingness to discuss and really understand what his clients want to achieve. The SCN team reject rigid preconceptions, rather they gather information and are happy to be challenged with data, rewarding their clients with bespoke and durable facility solutions.”

 James Gardiner - CEO - Gardiner Bros & Footsure

SCN’s data-driven and common-sense approach to this project followed several clear stages. To begin this project, SCN acquired Gardiners’ current facility product flow movements and pick speed and questioned this data to sanity check it. SCN further used this data to formulate predictions for the next 5 years, to understand where Gardiners’ business could develop.

SCN used Gardiners’ forecast data to create accurate warehouse designs and built a model of implications around requirements for warehouse space, compiling a tender for the materials handling and Fit-Out kit for the new facility. The SCN team produced budgets for the various items of equipment that Gardiners would require including physical racking and mezzanines, in addition to the associated Materials Handling Equipment including Forklift trucks.

To date, SCN is leading the tendering process to select vendors to Fit-Out all aspects of the site operation. SCN is also involved in the operational transition planning through to Spring 2022 as the principal operations consulting partner.

The next and final stages of this project will involve SCN implementing the tendered materials handling and Fit-Out kit within Gardiners’ facility and delivering any post-project modifications which may occur because of unseen changes in the economic or business climate. SCN continues to advise on all aspects of the build - including the detailed design of the narrow aisle racking, intelligent conveyor systems throughout the mezzanine floors, and order packing areas - whilst also being involved in the selection process for Gardiners’ new WMS.

Based on Gardiners' consistent figures for the last 2-3 years, Gardiner's business and facility growth plans are forecast to more than double - over the next 5 years – at a rate of 20% annual growth in volume. Deeply integrated within the successful management of this project, with SCN’s support, Gardiners’ new facility should be up and running at the beginning of 2022.

“The SCN team and Ian provide a brilliant independent sounding board, which when combined, Gardiners trusts to give them an honest opinion and to be able to confidently discuss ideas with. Gardiners can comfortably examine solutions with Ian, and the SCN team works flexibly to work through the best solutions to benefit Gardiners as a business, now and in future. Working with SCN has changed our views and has saved us time and money all while guiding Gardiners in the right direction.”

James Gardiner - CEO - Gardiner Bros & Footsure

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