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Driving Long-Term Growth for Industry - UK Government 2024 Spring Budget.

On March 6, 2024, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, unveiled what he termed a "Budget for long-term growth." This financial blueprint aims to navigate the UK towards a future marked by lower taxes, improved public services, increased investment, and a projected expansion of the economy by 0.7% in the fiscal year 2028-29. In addition to these aspirations, the budget intends to adhere to fiscal rules to ensure sustainable economic management.

Targeted Investment in Energy and Transport

One of the highlights of the budget is the allocation of targeted funding towards consultations and calls for evidence aimed at accelerating initiatives within the energy and transport sectors. These investments are strategic moves to bolster key areas vital for economic development and sustainability.

Extension of Tax Reliefs in Freeport Tax Sites

The budget extends tax reliefs available in Freeport tax sites from five to ten years in England, Scotland, and Wales. This move is designed to incentivize investment and economic activity within these designated zones, fostering growth and development in regions that could benefit from increased business activity.

Boosting Trade Opportunities for Northern Ireland

Furthermore, the government has earmarked £2 million to enhance global investment and trade opportunities specifically for Northern Ireland. This commitment underscores the government's dedication to fostering economic prosperity and stability across all regions of the UK.

Implications and Considerations

The budget also includes significant changes in various tax policies and regulations that could impact businesses and consumers alike. For instance, the extension of tax reliefs in the creative sector, and updates to Terminal Markets Order legislation are among the key provisions outlined.

Focus on Business Taxes and Indirect Tax

While corporation tax rates remain unchanged, other proposals within the budget could have implications for businesses. Increases in the VAT registration threshold and adjustments to duties, including the introduction of a UK Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), reflect the government's efforts to balance fiscal responsibility with economic growth objectives.

Grow your Business in 2024 with the SCN Team

The 2024 Spring Budget sets a course for long-term growth and stability, with a focus on stimulating investment, enhancing public services, and fostering economic resilience. As the Spring Finance Bill 2024 undergoes scrutiny and implementation, stakeholders across sectors will closely monitor the implications and opportunities arising from the government's fiscal policies. Ultimately, the success of these measures will hinge on their ability to translate into tangible benefits for businesses, consumers, and the broader UK economy. Read the full budget here:


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