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Summing-up a successful six months

So far, 2023, has proven a very successful year for the SCN team. With six months down, and six left to go, it has been a whirlwind of warehousing and supply chain activity. From attending trade shows including Multimodal 2023, and selected networking events, to being awarded several new and significant projects since the beginning of the year.

Projects Awarded To date, 2023 has proven very rewarding, and it plans to continue to be a highly productive half a year. In January 2023 the start of a number of projects kicked off with Victorian Plumbing. The UK's largest online bathroom store. This involved a project scope of designing its new warehouse facility, the outcome of which is, the client has appointed SCN as its Programme Directors to manage the building, fit out and transition processes to the point of the facility delivering significant business improvement from Q2 2024.

After approaching the SCN consultants at the industry expo IMHX in 2022, March 2023 marked the completion of a project which the team completed for the assistive wet room services merchants, Nymas Group. Nymas had exhausted the capacity of their then-existing warehouse and were seriously considering outsourcing their warehouse to a 3rd party. They asked SCN to review their facility operations in the northeast. After conducting a thorough review and providing several costed options, the SCN team delivered Nymas a final proposal for an end-to-end review of their operation and a realistic solution and a fully costed suggestion for reconfiguration as opposed to relocation. The end result saw SCN enabling Nymas creating additional space on their existing site, whilst simultaneously fostering growth of 10% per annum, for the next 9 years.

More recently, the SCN team has also been completing work for Leidos, a company within the Civil, Health, Intelligence, and Defence sector. Work for this client includes a full network review and future supply chain strategy solution for the LCST current estate. This is a significant piece of work that will influence the future growth of the contract for Leidos.

The past 6 months also saw SCN develop other projects including developing services to provide a third-party storage and fulfilment solutions. SCN continues to be the choice for supply chain consulting with new projects for Southampton Freight Services and British Airways starting in the coming weeks. Nearing the end of the year, SCN plans to continue to work on developing its advanced network design capabilities and services it can offer to clients within this niche sector.

Industry Events

Earlier this month saw the SCN team attending the expo Multimodal 2023. This year saw us on the Logistics Leaders Pavilion, stand L14. A worthwhile show, the team networked, made new connections and attracted many warm leads for future projects both within the UK and internationally.

The shape of the future In 2024, plans for growth and development include growing the team and welcoming additional expertise at the consulting end, whilst simultaneously looking to create opportunities for dynamic young people setting out on a career in Logistics / Supply Chain. SCN also plans to continue to develop its customer base and attract new business whilst also reaching a wider audience who may require our skills. SCN are on track to complete Cyber Essentials+ accreditation this year. Following business as usual, SCN will attend their usual trade shows and select awards events throughout 2024 including Multimodal.

Succeed in 2023 With 2023 being an open book, and full of opportunities for the year the Supply Chain Network team are here to help you navigate the months ahead within your facility. Whether it be planning your logistics networks, facility design and build, or re-fitting for optimal performance, the SCN team understands the importance of continually adapting to new technological developments in what is a very dynamic industry.

Specialists in Warehouse Design and Fit-Out, the SCN team can help you reach your facility’s fulfilment potential in 2023 / 2024. Visit to learn about the work that we do and to ensure you are ready, future-proof and secure in your business plans and warehouse design. We work with our clients and ask questions about their supply chain at all levels.

Contact us here: or call: 07581 496580 / 0116 429 6205

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