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Thoughts of a new year held promise; however, some bits of 2021 so far have felt like the reluctantly anticipated relation of 2020 who has most definitely outstayed their welcome, yet still refuses to leave. Within the warehousing sector, however, it is not all doom and gloom, and in the past week alone there have been numerous good news stories that depict supply chain sustainability, adoption of new technologies, and the creation of jobs, in what always has been and is now even more so, an essential sector for our society’s survival. From eCommerce achievements to business acquisitions and the re-purposing of warehouse facilities and retail parks, SCN has listed a few of the news stories which have caught their attention this month so far…

On Saturday 30 January 2021 hordes of shoppers queued up to pile into a new store in Bredbury Park Industrial Estate, which sells on food that has passed its best-before date, but according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is still safe to eat. Products available include a variety of store cupboard goods, ranging from cereal and chocolate to crisps and drinks. The facility, which is open to the public for retail, is now the fifth in the country so far and is helping thrifty shoppers to keep their shopping under budget during this uncertain economic climate.

On 23 December 2020, the UK exited the single market and customs union for good. Since Brexit, inquiries from UK companies regarding shifting their operations including branches, depots and warehouses to countries inside the EU have significantly increased. Named only as Brexit-related-reasons, this departure of businesses could trigger an enormous number of job losses, combined with a drastic decline in the UK’s economic activity. European countries of interest include the Netherlands, France, and Germany, in what is still a very new and turbulent time for the trade and the UK.

With the UK in lockdown once more, and only essential retail stores (supermarkets) remaining open, many investors are now interested in the potential that retail warehouses offer when repurposed as last-mile delivery stations. While eCommerce performance and online retail has soared, traditional retail and consumer footfall in retail parks has come to an abrupt halt. Consequently, prices for warehouse space have increased at a phenomenal rate and has put urban logistics retail space is in very high demand. Due to being located in densely populated urban areas, unused retail park space provides ideal sites for developing specific click-and-collect facilities and last-mile delivery hubs for consumers. The time to invest in retail warehousing is now.

Celebrated as not only a significant investment in infrastructure but also a catalyst for job creation, Asos announced earlier this week that it has great plans to employ 2000 people in their new £29 million investment into a 437000 square feet warehouse in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Asos has plans for the future development of their offerings and delivery capabilities and hopes that its confidence in consumerism will continue to be appreciated when they are fully operational in 2023, and beyond.

News of a £30 million warehouse complex could soon provide 1000 new jobs in north-west Leicestershire. Making good use of previously disused land, the site is situated on the former UK Coal Lounge Coal Preparation and Disposal Point, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch. The site developers, Gazeley, which owns Magna Park, near Lutterworth, has additionally pledged to contribute £750,000 to upgrading nearby roadways in line with the planning permission. Once live, the creation of these new jobs is hoped to provide a major benefit to the local economy, and the wider community.

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