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2023 – A review so far

The final quarter of 2023 is already upon us, and as we enter September, SCN wants to take a moment to look back on its achievements of the past 9 months. From growing the team, to attracting new clients, to exciting projects and welcoming repeat business, SCN is confident in its progress throughout 2023 and has strong plans in place for the remainder of the year.

Entering 2024, SCN is confident it will continue to attract new enquiries and projects through its strong market presence and networks. An exciting time, it also represents the key stages for the growth of the business. In this article, SCN proudly showcases their highlights of 2023 so far, and their ongoing strategy for continued success throughout 2024…

Growth in the core team

Earlier this year, Danny Cunningham was promoted within the SCN team to Associate Director. Previously Senior Consultant, Danny has now worked with the SCN team for nearly 3 years working on major client projects, playing a significant role in client project delivery, and attending trade shows.

Recent enhancement of the core team, SCN is pleased to announce and welcome both Mark and Ajay to join the SCN team. Mark Robinson – Associate Senior Consultant, is an experienced supply chain professional and will be joining us as a Senior Consultant in October. Ajay Karthigaiselvan – Junior Consultant / Analyst, joined SCN in September with supply chain experience and skills to advance our capabilities in the areas of data engineering and analysis for client projects.

The SCN team is also looking to increase support for their marketing and communications capacity. This has been successfully supported by independent marketing consultant Pushing Buttons Marketing, since 2021.

Increased project and workflows

Many new projects from repeat clients to new ones, were implemented throughout 2023. Spanning across a variety of sectors including infrastructure, defence, aviation services, freight service providers, and distribution services. To name just a few below…

The SCN team is currently working with Southampton Freight Services (SFS). SFS provides final mile for commodities destined for cruise ships when they dock in Southampton which is everything from food to linen and even wheelchairs! Within this project, SCN has been contracted to re-design the SFS warehouse to enable them to absorb a recently acquired business into their existing building, whilst simultaneously helping to streamline their operational processes and systems.

A second key new project is a partner project with global real estate experts Cushman & Wakefield ( for British Airways (BA). SCN is currently in the process of re-designing the engineering warehouse for BA in Heathrow. The BA DC supports the entire BA fleet across the globe and is currently misconfigured and inefficient. SCN was enlisted for their expertise in this area by Cushman and Wakefield, who will likely source a new building to meet SCN’s new facility design. The scope of this project involves SCN completing additional phases of work and supporting BA’s move into their new facility.

SCN is also working with repeat client PJH Group - a wholesale bathroom company. Currently, SCN is designing a new facility near Cannock due to significant growth and PJH has acquired a new building. The SCN team is now working with PJH on the transition into their new facility.

A recent addition to the project portfolio is a new project with Etag - a building supply firm based in Guilford, which has enlisted the support of SCN to look at their existing warehouse with a view to re-designing it.

In addition to all of these exciting clients and new projects, further work in the pipeline includes:

Axima – A major supplier to the nuclear industry of HVAC equipment. They sought support from the SCN team as they are currently tendering to support the next nuclear power station build in Sizewell (Suffolk) and need assistance to set up their supply chain and conduct a 3rd party tender process for the operation of their material flow into the build.

Used clothing business Go Thrift stocks 200,000 individual garments in their warehouse in Blackburn. They contacted SCN to help them fully utilise their facility in the short and medium term.

Inspired Entertainment – a gaming machine business came to see us at the last trade show we attended (Multimodal 2023) They sought SCN’s knowledge and expertise in warehouse design support, needing help to re-shape their network of delivery and support following acquisitions.

Plan your next year with Supply Chain Network

As we move forward in very busy times there is much to do. The SCN Directors are very much looking forward to having everyone fully on board before the end of 2023 and hope that everyone is equally looking forward to the future of SCN.

Experts in all aspects of warehouse and network design, SCN understands the importance of remaining competitive in a dynamic industry and the critical capabilities for advanced modelling and design required to achieve this.

Specialists in Warehouse Design and Fit-Out, the SCN team can help you reach your facility's fulfilment potential in 2023 and beyond. Visit to learn about the work that we do and to ensure you are ready and future-proof your business plans and warehouse design.


or Danny Cunningham

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